Marcel Gschwend aka Bit-Tuner, born 1978 in St. Gallen, lives and works in Zürich, Switzerland Born and raised in St.Gallen, Bit-Tuner works and lives in Zürich today. He's been producing electronic music with computers, mpcs, synthesizers, bass guitars and a fleet of analogue effect gear. He has a fondness for samples from old records, movies and has also been discovering field recording lately. Bit-Tuner works with heavy beats, blown up bass sounds, gloomy athmospheres, acid-driven melodies and uproaring soundscapes. His musical field of expression reaches from Hip Hop Beats to Electronica, Noise, theatre productions and film soundtracks.

Artist Talk

HI meets AI: Bircher/Hurkxkens & le Collectif U5

«Der UngenauBot» et «PALM» thématisent de façon ludique et protocolaire l'interaction humaine avec les systèmes développés de la robotique. Digital Brainstorming présente ces deux projets dans le cadre de Transmediale 2019.

Haus der Kulturen der Welt